Add Ease and Efficiency to Your Customer's Wallet

Give your customers the convenience and flexibility of instant online payment, recurring billing schedules, and electronic receipts!

Why should I accept credit/debit cards?

  • Preferred Rates of 2.89% + 30 Cents Per Transaction
  • Customers meet simplicity when they pay their invoices online immediately!
  • Effectively email your customers a PDF invoice that links them directly to a secure payment portal
  • Conveniently set up recurring charges for custom billing schedules, automating the collection process
  • Integrate payments with your software to eliminate the need for double data entry

Start Accepting Cards In 4 Quick Steps 

Step 1: Ready to accept credit / debit cards with convenient customer solutions? Click below to complete the FortisPay Merchant Application!  

Step 2: Once submitted, the application will take 24-48 hours to process.  

Step 3: When the application is processed, FortisPay will call to initiate and complete the integration.  

Step 4: Your account is LIVE, and your business is capable of accepting credit & debit cards through the online payment portal. Make sure your deposits are arriving in your account to confirm.

Streamline Payments With an Integrated System

FortisPay Features

  • White Glove Service (We're Here to Help)
  •  EMV Chip Card Certified
  •  PCI Compliant
  •  Competitive Rates

Preferred Partner Rates

  • 2.89% + 30 Cents Per Transaction
  • No monthly fee
  • No set up fee

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The Top 9 Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

1. Accepting credit cards can improve your cash flow.  

Credit card transactions are processed electronically and settled quickly, with proceeds typically deposited into your bank account by your processor within a couple of days. This means no more waiting for checks to clear, no more billing and waiting to collect from your customers, and less cash to handle. 

2. Accepting credit cards legitimizes your business. 

Your customers trust the credit card brands enough to carry them in their wallets, and that trust transfers to the merchants who accept them. When they trust you, they’re more likely to hire you.  

3. Accepting credit cards can boost sales. 

When you take your business from a check/cash-only operation to one that accepts credit and debit cards, your potential customer base broadens tremendously. The more customers you attract, the more likely you are to make additional sales. 

4. Accepting credit cards helps level the playing field with your competition. 

The businesses with whom you compete are already accepting credit cards, so you really need to take that step in order to survive. 

5. Credit cards encourage buying in general, and impulse buying in particular. 

Consumers feel in control when they use credit and debit cards. They like being able to complete transactions quickly and easily without having to run to the ATM for cash or write a check, both of which are limited to their available funds. Some studies have indicated that customers tend to spend more when they’re paying with plastic instead of cash, most likely due to the credit line their card provides. 

6. Accepting credit cards eliminates the risk of accepting a bad check. 

One bounced check can take a big chunk out of your profit for the day, not to mention the time wasted tracking down the customer to make good on the check. Credit card transactions are screened as they are processed to reduce the risk of fraud.  

7. Credit cards are convenient and people seek out merchants that accept them. 

Customers want to choose the method of payment that’s most convenient and beneficial for them. Frequently that means credit cards, especially if they offer points, mileage or other awards that are attractive to them. Can you afford to lose a customer just because you don’t offer a credit card option? 

8. Accepting credit cards is a relatively inexpensive business expense. 

Credit card processing is a highly-competitive industry today. Credit card processing rates are so low even the smallest mom-and-pop shop can easily afford to accept credit cards. In fact, many merchants discover that the increase in sales generated by accepting credit cards more than covers the costs involved, making their merchant account an excellent return on investment. 

9. Getting set up to accept credit cards is quick and easy. 

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