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  • Credit Card payments auto-post to the EHR
  • Securely store multiple cards on file 
  • Accept chip cards for increased security 
  • Custom recurring payments & auto collection 
  • Email invoices with a secure paylink 
  • Share a card across all related contacts 
  • Split one-time and auto-debit (recurring) payments across multiple patients
  • Accept payments from anywhere, in or out of the office at no extra cost with a mobile app.

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dr paul reed

Dr. Paul Reed, Bridge Chiropractic (Vancouver, WA)

“The Fortis Team ROCKS! Whether it's implementation, syncronization to your EHR, competitive rates or customer service, they are there for you! Best merchant service team & system we've ever worked with! SWITCH NOW!”

Dr. Chris Zaino, Abundant Life Chiropractic (The Woodlands, TX)

“Fortis makes my life easier. I don't know how many employees I would have to hire to do the same job that Fortis does for me on auto-pilot every day. It saves me time, money and headaches. It's fast, easy, secure and integrates fully with our EHR, so we set it up once and never have to touch it again.”

Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess, Discover Chiropractic (Stockbridge, GA)

“It's been a good transition, more money being collected. This is an extreme example, but we are actually saving $900+ per month on credit card fees - easily!”

Dr. Michael Viscarelli, Adio Chiropractic (Golden, Colorado)

“Fortis has taken so much pressure off my team & so much pressure off my wife who's managing all the finances and collections for the practice. I'm super grateful for the team at Fortis and for what they've done for my practice & personal life. Check it out as soon as you can!"

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