Features of the FortisPay Chargeback Mitigation Team

  • Request Chargeback notices on behalf of the merchant  
  •  Answer questions relating to where to submit their response  
  •  Answer Chargeback/Retrieval Fee Questions  
  • Chargeback/Retrieval Fee Refund Requests  
  • Chargeback/Retrieval Fee Removal Requests  
  • Provide FAQs & How-To videos  

Instant Download of the Chargeback Guide

Guide to Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks are transactions that have been disputed and returned by the cardholder/issuing bank. A chargeback reverses a credit card transaction, and withdraws funds that were previously deposited into the merchant’s bank account. The issuing bank mediates the review of the disputed transaction and settles the dispute in favor of the cardholder or the merchant. FortisPay acknowledges the burden that chargebacks bring to hoteliers. Let us help alleviate some finanicial stress at your hotel with our Chargeback Mitigation Department. We guarantee that our team will positively benefit you for years to come.  

Download the "Guide to Chargeback Protection"

Utilizing EMV-compatible terminals allows you to capture credit card chips for increased security.  

Contact us at or 855-465-9999 to take steps towards protecting your business this year.

Guide to Chargeback Protection


The Fortis Chargeback Process

Understanding the Fortis Chargeback Process will be helpful in the inevitable event that your hotel encounters a chargeback. 


Chargeback Flow Chart

Our flow chart is based on the Fortis Chargeback Process, but mimics the concept of a generc chargeback process. 


Types of Chargebacks

There are many types of chargebacks you must be aware of as a business owner, so we complied a list of the most common types. 


Chargeback Prevention

The best way to avoid chargebacks is to prevent them. We made a list of recommendations as well as informational resources. 


Chargeback Protection

EMV-compatible terminals are one way to protect your business. Put safety measures in place to reduce chances of chargebacks. 


Responding to Chargebacks

Did you already receive a chargeback? What happens now? Let the FortisPay Chargeback Mitigation team fight for you. 

Download the "Guide to Chargeback Protection"